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Prepare your assault defense in Grand Rapids, MI

An assault conviction can change the course of your life drastically. Don’t let this charge define you. Kolehouse Law Office helps clients lessen their charges, sometimes pointing to self-defense. Call 616-822-5078 right now to learn more about attorney Kolehouse’s commitment to his clients charged with assault in Grand Rapids, MI.

3 things you should know about assault charges

Have you been charged with assault in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Here are a few things you should know about the potential consequences of an assault conviction:

  1. Assaulting someone without causing bodily harm is usually considered a 93-day misdemeanor.
  2. Assaulting someone and causing them real physical harm elevates the crime to aggravated assault, which is a one-year misdemeanor.
  3. Assault with a weapon is a felonious offense and can come with a four-year jail sentence.

No matter your charge, Kolehouse Law Office can help you fight it and get your life back on track. Schedule a consultation at the Kolehouse Law Office in Grand Rapids, MI to get started.