Don’t Let Drug Crimes Follow You for Years

Don’t Let Drug Crimes Follow You for Years

Consult with a criminal defense attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

When you’re charged with a drug-related crime, you could face potential penalties that could affect the rest of your life. Kolehouse Law Office navigates the judicial system with you to fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Attorney Kolehouse works on drug defense cases, including:

  • Possessing controlled substances, such as cocaine and heroin
  • Delivering controlled substances or drug dealing
  • Manufacturing controlled substances

He also handles cases involving criminal sexual conduct and other criminal charges. Speak with a criminal defense attorney in the Grand Rapids, MI area right away about your charges.

Get the honest answers you’re searching for

Attorney Kolehouse keeps your best interests in mind throughout the duration of your case. He’ll help you understand when you should or should not talk to the police. He will also work toward negotiating a lower drug charge or plea deal. His priority is to always be honest about your charges and the potential penalties you could face.

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