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If you’ve been charged with driving on a public road or parking lot while under the influence of alcohol, you need a lawyer ASAP. Fortunately, an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney is just a phone call away.

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Learn more about OWI laws in Grand Rapids, MI

Don’t walk into your case blind. Understand the potential consequences for first-, second- and third-time OWIs ahead of time:

  • A first-time offense is considered a 93-day misdemeanor if your blood-alcohol level (BAC) was above the legal limit but below. 0.17%.
  • If it’s your first offense, but your BAC was over 0.17%, you could be charged with a 180-day misdemeanor.
  • A second offense is considered a one-year misdemeanor and comes with a five-day minimum jail sentence.
  • A third offence is considered a five-year felony with a one-year minimum jail sentence.

The sentences can be higher if there was a minor in the vehicle or physical harm occurred. Learn more by speaking with an experienced OWI attorney in Grand Rapids, MI about your case. Call 616-822-5078 today to set up a consultation with Kolehouse Law Office.