Protect Your Reputation After a Sexual Assault Charge

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Sexual assault crimes are some of the most complex court cases to defend and prosecute. Because the only witnesses are the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator, it can be difficult to predict what a jury might think. If you’ve been charged with sexual assault or another sex crime in Grand Rapids, MI, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you fight for your rights and reputation.

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Understand the 4 degrees of sexual assault cases

Sexual assault is broken down by the courts system in two ways. First, it must be determined whether the act was penetrative or non-penetrative. Then, whether it was aggravated or non-aggravated. Aggravating factors include the age of the alleged victim, whether there was an abuse of a power dynamic at play and whether or not there was violence.

Sexual assault crimes are broken into degrees with corresponding maximum sentences. These are:

  1. First degree: Penetrative and aggravated sexual assault can get you 25 years to life in prison.
  2. Second degree: Non-penetrative, aggravated sexual assault comes with a typical maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.
  3. Third degree: Penetrative, non-aggravated assault also comes with a 15-year maximum sentence.
  4. Fourth degree: Non-penetrative, non-aggravated assault is a two-year misdemeanor.

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